Aventures lac Champlain

Excursions de pêche

Aventures Lac Champlain located at the Port de Plaisance de Venise-en-Québec offers a choice of private nautical excursions on Lake Champlain that are unique in the region.

Each afternoon from mid-May to early October, there are two scheduled departure times for a 30 km, 1 hour and 45-minute scenic boat tour of Lake Champlain for small private groups of 2 to a maximum of 10 passengers. Live commentary is also provided on each excursion by our passionate and knowledgeable guide discussing the lake’s geomorphology, diverse wildlife, rich history and cultural heritage.

There’s no better way to end your day than by sailing on an enchanting twilight boat tour on Lake Champlain. We offer 1 hour and 45-minute daily twilight tours from mid-May to early September that departs 90 minutes before sunset. Don’t forget to bring your camera as the sunsets are often referred to as some of the most beautiful in the world.

Lake Champlain is also a renowned sports fishing destination. Come and enjoy a fun-filled fishing adventure that will provide lasting memories for family and friends as you battle with bass and pike considered to be the most combative freshwater fish. Early morning departures in our fully equipped 24-foot boat ensure that your group is on the water during peak fish activity. To provide a safe and enjoyable outing, we take a maximum of 4 anglers per trip and include all the necessary fishing gear.

Whether you are an amateur or professional bird watcher, our ornithology excursions are designed to navigate to those hard-to-reach habitats along the shoreline of Missisquoi Bay. The shallow waters and sandy beaches on this portion of Lake Champlain harbour countless bird species with wading or shorebirds taking center stage of this exceptional habitat throughout the late summer months. Your guide has extensive experience in observing wildlife and thus uses great care not to alarm or interfere in natural bird behaviour. A maximum group size of 6 ornithologists per outing ensures greater comfort and mobility on board the pontoon boat.

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