The public market ‘le Vénisien’

The public market ‘le Vénisien’ offers a variety of food products to eat on site and for takeout.

We are able to offer you healthy culinary experiences with our market ‘le Vénisien’. 

Member of the ‘Circuit du paysan’. Open from June to October. 

Buble-T-Bar offers a variety of refreshments related to this beverage filled with magic bubbles. 514-895-7237

Le Cocktail Bar du Marché offers many refreshments, including craft beers and wines of the region. More so, you can taste a simple and easy menu. Terrace. 514-668-7648

Le Venise Pizza Shop offers a variety of pizzas, fries and poutines to takeout or eat on site. 450-210-1107

Le Roi de la saucisse offers sausages cooked on site or at the takeout counter. A great variety is offered. 514-553-4653

Gelato-Sorbets, produits Keto, offers a variety of ice cream gelato as well as sorbets with many flavors. 514-895-7237

Le Bistro du Marché 514 377-3476 Le Taco King 438 925-2909 Tartares de la baie 514 895-7237

‘Tourisme Venise-en-Québec Lac Champlain’ is a member of the ‘Circuit du paysan’