Tourisme Venise-en-Québec Lac Champlain wants to be a source of information on the benefits of our great region. It acts under the aegis of the Société d’initiative touristique et économique (S.I.T.E.) of Lake Champlain.

Our role is to work on the touristic development of Venise-en-Québec by putting together events and attractions that create economical impacts on the community. For this purpose, our organisation invests in athletic, cultural, entertainment and food industry related projects. 

Responsible of a touristic reception office that is seasonal, we highlight our history, which is unlike any other. The Venise-en-Québec Bay, where the municipality finds itself, fits in the Missisquoi Bay which is a part of the natural reserve of the same name.  


Before Samuel de Champlain’s discovery in 1610 that will associate to the Huron community, this location already was a meeting point for the Native Americans because of all of the streams that surround us and meet the lake. 

The naming Missisquoi is a Native American nomenclature that means ‘meeting point of aquatic birds’. Our great region is place of military history between the French and the British that were associated to the Iroquois community, enemy of the Huron community. 1763 was the year where Louis XIV gave in Lake Champlain as well as all of New France to the British. The belligerence between the Native American communities was at this point over. 


After the independance’s decleration by the United States in 1786, many battles were fought in our great region until 1812 where the British were defeated by the United States during the battle of Plattsburg. Our actual borders between Canada and the United States were then drawn. 

The beginning of the 20th century, with the prohibition, brought our great region to be an important place of passage. With the prolification of the automobil and the road constructions, the 1940s brought a customer base of travelers that discover Lake Champlain for the beach. In the aftermath of the war in 1945, a popularity for entertainment and the Ballroom rose steadily. Popular artists from Montréal hosted these crazy nights until the beginning of the 1980s. Our beaches and ice fishing will keep our fame until now, in addition to many more activities. 


Venise-en-Québec was founded in 1950. Its name’s history goes back to 1892 in a completely different scenery to what we know now. It was necessary to find a name for the postal stop at the time. Since we are surrounded by bogs that act like a sponge for the lake, the spring flood waters created canals. So as an analogy to Venice in Italy, the 1982’s postal stop became “Venice”. During the municipality’s foundation in 1950, a juge confirmed the appellation Venise-en-Québec in memory of that postal stop. 

Let’s go back to our contemporary history that will bring the Société d’Initiative Touristique et Économique (S.I.T.E.) to be founded on may 22nd 1998. This non-profit organisation was a partner and a creator of many projects of a touristic nature in Venise-en-Québec. The culture, the nature, the collective events for families and the athletic events.